Max Wittrock

Co-Founder & CEO, mymuesli GmbH



I’m a co-founder and CEO of mymuesli, Oh!Saft, and Green Cup Coffee. We are driven by our passion for food and e-commerce. We’re always looking for new ventures and opportunities.
I am born in Munich, addicted to the web, breakfast, and coffee, I love photography, art, skiing, food (of course), and music. For mymuesli I deliver speeches to companies, conferences, and universities on a variety of topics, mainly social media marketing and entrepreneurship.

Work experience
shareholder Purmeo GmbH 2011-

co-founder Green Cup Coffee 2011-
coffee company with direct-trade / single finca business model

co-founder Oh!Saft 2010-
subscription business for oranges

ceo (pr, customer support, communications) and co-founder mymuesli GmbH 2007-
award-winning cereal-company, founded with H. Bessau and P. Kraiss in 2007

co-founder nanofaktur 2004-2007

creative agency in partnership with Hubertus Bessau (mymuesli co-founder)
freelancer Bayerisches Fernsehen (Bavarian Broadcasting Service) 2007-2008