KIOSK EUROPE EXPO 2013 - Show review

von Gastautor

KIOSK EUROPE EXPO 2013 and DIGITAL SIGNAGE EXP0 2013 drew to a close on 13th June, having brought together high qualitg visitors from major international companies including acclaimed retail and motor brands. This year's event attracted an audience of 2300 unique visitors from some of Europe's biggest organisations including Mercedes Benz, Tesco Stores, Metro Group and Deutsche Bank. Day one featured a fantastic series of seminars, culminating in the annual KI0SK EUR0PE networking event. The event also featured the Mobile meets POS conference, cementing the bond between mobile and self-service technology.

Den kompletten Nachbericht aus der aktuellen Ausgabe von KIOSK EUROPE Autumn 2013 finden Sie hier als PDF.